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  Rest and relax in hostelry ''Dedinje''.  
  For all your celebrations, parties, weddings, promotions at your disposal is restaurant up to 240 seats.  
About Us  

Restaurant “Dedinje”, started working on February 26 2007. It is placed on main road Kragujevac-Kraljevo, 4 km away from the center of the city Kragujevac.It is in possession of Stanisa Arsenijevic.He was the one who projected, invested and gave the name of the restaurant. Restaurant “Dedinje” got his name from the inn “Dedinje”which is placed across the street. They have the same owner Mr.Stanisa Arsenijevic.The inn “Dedinje”by the witch the restaurant got his name from is one of the oldest in Kragujevac.It was build by Dimitrije Dimitrijevic-Dile in 1960, and after that it is being known as “Dile’s Inn”. It was first planed for wedding receptions, banquets and big celebrations and it still has that purpose. That was the first hall of that kind in Serbia. He named it by the elite part of the city Belgrade which bears the name “Dedinje”

In that way the city of Kragujevac got its “Dedinje “.This part of the town is known as one of the most beautiful parts.

Led by the idea of early inn-keeper Dile and the maker of idea of “Dedinje” present owner Stanisa Arsenijevic build this restaurant witch adorns this part of the town. He managed to organize the family business and gain one very beautiful touristic object. All of the closest members of Arsenijevic family are included in organization and work around the place. Therefore, the guests willingly bring their family and friends for lunches and stay for the night.

Restaurant “Dedinje” has at its disposal 650 square meters. It employs 32 workers, which are very friendly and together with the owners and guests make one big family that welcomes all the new members with their arms wide spread.

restaurant is recently built and it has modern form. At his disposal is restaurant part, hostelry (16 suits) which is equipped with modern technical utensils.

In near future the owners of the restaurant have in plan to add ethno restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool and several more apartments in ethno style as well. And we we employ more personnel.