Welcome to web presentation of restaurant ''Dedinje''.

  Rest and relax in hostelry ''Dedinje''.  
  For all your celebrations, parties, weddings, promotions at your disposal is restaurant up to 240 seats.  
One of the activities of our company is CATERING. For many years dealing with the organization of your celebrations, parties, receptions ...

What we care most, is the quality of food and, of course, impeccable service. Catering is now not just about cooking, but involves a complex organization and a wide sprektar services.

Admit that the organization of celebrations for 200-250 people is far from  simple! So, let to us that demanding job!

For all your celebrations, receptions, fame, birthdays and other celebrations we will prepare a absolutely everything. From appetizers, meals, barbecues and across specialties under the bell, the most delicious desserts. For all this we will provide transport and friendly staff that will stand at your service.

Our offer features and preparing hot meals for businesses and field workers. Currently we have the technical means to the issuance of up to 2 000 meals a day and our ambitions do not end there!

We are at your service!