Welcome to web presentation of restaurant ''Dedinje''.

  Rest and relax in hostelry ''Dedinje''.  
  For all your celebrations, parties, weddings, promotions at your disposal is restaurant up to 240 seats.  

Restaurant “Dedinje” has at its disposal 130 square meters and additional 35 seats outdoors. Exceptional hosts and foreign special dishes, enormous options of foreign and domestic drinks mixed up with comfortable ambience will contribute to your good mood and enjoyment.

The restaurant offers large number of ethno dishes: Sjenica’s cheese, Zlatibor’s smoked ham, Njegos’s smoked ham, hot unleavened cake, gibanica with cabbage, sour milk, corncakes, as well as home made dishes that will leave you speechless. Sach specialties are something that will be remembered and talked about.

We also offer fish specialties!

All of this with large assortment of salads and deserts will be quickly served at your table thanks to amiable stuff of restaurant “Dedinje”.

The restaurant “Dedinje” is available for all kinds of gatherings, business or family. It equipped with the latest and modern inventory (satellite dish,air-condition,minus chambers, internet connection…).